7 Effective Online Tools to Run Your Business Successfully

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Marketing is always crucial for the success of any business. Various online tools have simplified marketing methods that have seen many enterprises grow incredibly, thanks to the internet. With so many tools available, you need to choose that work well for your business.
Therefore, here are a few of the most useful tools being used by successful entrepreneurs out there.


Massive data streaming from social media users is critical to all businesses. To manage enormous, such information can be hectic, and therefore, a social management tool such as HootSuite may be required. It analyzes outcomes of social media campaigns, as well as creating real time reports automatically. This assists businesses to know how they engage marketing and social media users, the number of re-tweets and likes, the useful content for commercialization, as well as understanding the major influencers and brands.


This is a platform for professionals, experts, influencers, and investors. LinkedIn is a place where you can meet other like-minded people and new clients, therefore allowing you to build a strong customer base. You just need to engage users by creating compelling content and post it on your page. This will direct viewers to your main site, hence achieving one of your marketing goals. Blink Chat app helps in faster communication among users by facilitating secure messaging.


Retaining buyers can be achieved by offering a friendly experience whenever they are on your website. Shopify is easy to use and provides useful information to customers. Businesses can use this platform on their online stores where they can set up exchange policies, tax requirements, rates, as well as including the newest products they offer.

Google My Business

This is a free online tool by Google, quite useful for businesses to improve their interaction with buyers. With this tool, companies can post any information such as location, time, products, prices, and photos. When people are searching for a product, the information will show on search results from your profile. As long as you have a complete profile, Gooogle My Business will increase the ranking of your website on search results.

Google Analytics

Though your website might get many visitors, this does not reflect higher conversion rate. Monitoring how traffic is visiting your site and where people are concentrating while on your site can help you make necessary improvements. For instance, you can place more ads on areas where visitors dwell so much, and probably they will pursue your intended goal. Since it is a free analytic tool, businesses can maximize sales from the high volume of traffic.


This is a tool designed to get rid of daunting tasks of using emails. Companies don’t need to use mailbox tools to keep in touch with workers, marketers, bloggers, or influencers. Asana helps in assigning tasks to different individuals and then manage them appropriately. Businesses will no longer require sending emails regularly while distributing duties. Therefore, there is an aspect of saving time and boosting sales due to improved productivity.

Last But Not Least


WordPress has been an ideal choice for small and medium businesses. It takes your business blog to a higher level, as well as simplifying marketing and management of a business website.

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