5 Essential Things to Put in Mind When Choosing an Electric Pancake Maker

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An electric pancake maker can be an important kitchen appliance for perfect pancake lovers. The trick to getting the best one is by checking a few key features. Pancake makers for home use contain one cooking burner, suitable for making delicious pancakes for your family. Here are the things you need to examine before purchasing one.

Size Of Pancakes You Want To Make

stack-of-pancakesThere are various sizes of electric crepe makers in the market. The size of pancakes you need will determine which model to buy. Some versions are designed to prepare 7 to 8 inches thick while others make larger cakes that are just bigger. Since you need a home-use appliance, relatively smaller sizes are suitable for you. However, for those with larger families can opt for more prominent pancake makers.

Temperature Controls Feature

This is a vital characteristic if you want to make perfect pancakes for your loved ones. Some models come without temperature control knobs. Though the ones with the temperature control may be pricier, they are worth your money. In other words, avoid cheap kitchen appliances because they don’t deliver the best results. When the burner becomes too hot, you can adjust the heat since it may damage your pancakes. Interestingly, these crepe makers have an indicator light.

Non-Stick Feature

The non-stick material is the best for making perfect pancakes. Also, it is easy to wash after use. Nonstick models come with additional packages such as turner spatula, batter spreader, and ladles for measuring mixture accurately. Also, a recipe and manual book are usually included in the package to help new users. Therefore, as you check if the pan is nonstick, also examine if all the additional packages are available.

Speed And Efficiency

Home-use pancake makers are less expensive compared to commercial ones, but some may not be efficient. However, you don’t need to buy a cheap version and spend hours in the kitchen preparing pancakes for just five people. Everyday pans used in homes have power ranging from 800 watts to 900 watts. They are efficient because you need less than 60 seconds to make a single pancake. But if you require faster ones, you can purchase those with 1300 watts and reduce the time of making a single cake and maybe your life just might change.


Don’t be surprised why the price is coming as the last factor. Of course, it is not the least. No one hates saving money when buying an item, but you should not over rely on cost. The higher the quality of the pancake maker, the more you are likely to pay. It is advisable to check the quality before even negotiating the price. Check if the manufacturer satisfies the features we mentioned previously, and then ask about the price. However, home-use models are relatively cheaper compared to commercial counterparts.

The following are quite useful if you need to take home the best electric pancake maker. There are many types of electric pancake makers to choose from, but you should remember to choose based on the above features.

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