5 Techniques to Promote a Product through Social Media

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One of the most effective methods of promoting a product today is through social media. Facebook users are constantly increasing, so too are LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram users. By establishing effective social media marketing techniques, you can reach the enormous potential buyers and make your product visible to as many people as possible.

Benefits of Social Media to Your Businesssocial-media-accounts

  • Spreading information about the products
  • Improves offline sales, since customers will find products online and, therefore, enhance website marketing
  • Easy to know emerging things such current needs of buyers, hence making a knowledgeable decision
  • Increasing traffic to your business website

Therefore, here are five helpful ways to promote a product through social media platforms.

1. Having Active Accounts

You need to create several accounts on various social media platforms and ensure they stay active throughout. Integrate social media into your business website so that people can share your products. You also need to create a business page where you will post products together with short descriptions. However, let the product description be highly compelling to attract more viewers.

2. Post Clear Photos

All social media users are potential customers, and their reactions can be greatly influenced by the type of product photos posted on your page. Beautiful and catchy pictures will draw the attention of many viewers, and probably some people will click through. Clear, appealing, and winning photos tend to receive more viewers and clicks on social media. If you sell female shoes, ensure you choose clear photos that show product’s material, color, and labels.

3. Link The Product To The Main Page

This is only integrating the website with your social media page. Whenever other users land on your page, they will be directed to the primary product’s page after clicking the link on the photo. Also, the link should be unambiguous because users prefer simple sites where a single click directs them to the page they want. However, Shopify has simplified the way social media users interact with business pages. They can browse products even using their smartphones. The shop tab allows people to buy a product easily.

4. Use A Managing Tool

Business involves a lot of activities on a daily basis, and, therefore, you may face a challenge while managing your business page. However, the great data need to be analyzed so that the insights can help in decision making. Therefore, use a free social media management tool like HootSuite to organize messages, review re-tweets and likes, as well as creating a report about what users are searching for.

5. Allow Comments

Feedback from buyers is always essential to any business for the purpose of making informed actions. Apart from buyers, even the social media users can provide very useful information based on what you have posted on your page. Therefore, it is vital to include comment option to allow users express their views about your product. Allow people to talk their minds, since it reflects your commitments and willingness to listen to your customers. They will probably return to your page on the daily basis to check what you offer.

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